I am 88 years old, I decided to have my eyebrows tattooed because I found it difficult to do as I got older. Iro was recommended to me – a very good recommendation. She has done them beautifully, I am thoroughly satisfied and it was a painless procedure.

Mary Rupert

Iro, I spoke to Tess Brits who recommended you.
You have a professional looking venue with peaceful music and clean towels.
You took the trouble to ask what I needed, wanted and told me of all the risks, the discomfort involved and reassured me every step of the way. You took great care to ensure that I was at no time in pain and at most felt a scratchy tickle. You took your time and did an exceptionally accurate job which I am completely satisfied and delighted with.

Carol Gould

Iro is amazing! My eyebrows were super skew (one higher than the other) and after her work I’ve been told I look “younger”,  “prettier” and other people who know about microblading tell me its is the best work they’ve seen.

Suzanne Collinge-Sim